Hello, I am Akshay Pratap Singh.

Software Developer and Data Science Enthusiast who loves to write software to build great products and help businesses succeed with their goals. I am proficient in development of a wide variety of web applications. I am most passionate about developing web applications using Python, NodeJS, Javascript, ReactJs, AngularJS, Mongodb and various other bleeding edge technologies. I can also speak to databases and make servers do stuff. I like working on scalability, performance, design, and great user experiences. I have keen interest in Data Science related projects of Data Mining, Data Analysis & Machine Learning. During my spare time, i love to read technology blogs and learn new languages and technology.

I also had experience in competitive programming. Our team named as "StarX" was qualified three times for ACM-ICPC Regional Round (2012,2013,2014). I am also completed an online course of Machine Learning powered by Stanford University under the guidance of course mentor Andrew Ng, Associate Professor in Stanford University on coursera.org. I have experience of Big Data Analysis Tools like Apache Spark, Hadoop... etc.

I worked in many projects related to web applications. Mostly time i worked as backend developer in my contributing projects. You can also checkout my github profile for my contribution timeline.

  • Handle Name : code_crack_01
  • Username : KodeKracker
  • Social Username : spratapakshay